Tables,  graphics, terms








1. Tables. Enumerate your tables in Arabic numerals; give each table a heading without abbreviations (not more than 15 words). Avoid using big tables, reduce all material to minimum, the size of tables should not exceed A-4 format. Each column in the table should have a short title (abbreviations can be used). All explanations, including interpretation of abbreviations, should be placed in footnotes (notes to the table). It is recommended to indicate the statistical methods that were used to represent the variability of the data and the significance of the differences.

2. Graphics. Graphics and pictures should be in * .tif or * .jpeg formats (Excel, PowerPoint, Word for graphs and charts); the absolute minimum for acceptable resolution is 300 dpi.  They must include the minimum number of symbols, provide references and explanations to all of your supplementary materials (tables, graphs, etc.) in the caption below the picture. Picture caption should contain its title (not more than 15 words) and “keys” that explane parts of the drawing, symbols, arrows and other details. In captions for microphotographs, you must specify their magnification rate. Do keep in mind that image files should be tagged with numbers corresponding to the enumeration within the manuscript (for example, Pic. 1). The editorial board provides printing of color pictures at an additional cost.

3. Abbreviations. It is necessary to use only generally accepted abbreviations and only after specifying in the text their full form. All abbreviations used in the article must be decoded, exception is made for chemical elements and well-known metric units. The use of non-standard abbreviations is allowed, if the term is mentioned in the text at least three times.

4. Names of drugs. Authors should use international names of drugs in the title and abstract of the article, in the text it is allowed to use their commercial names  (it is recommended to choose international names of drugs, mentioning commercial ones only in a limited number of cases).

 and clearly marked columns that would be easy to read and comprehend.

5. Specific terms should be given in Russian; please use only generally accepted terms.  You should not use foreign words in "own" transcription in Russian.